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Maximize Applicant Engagement

In a thriving coworking market, keeping strong engagement with potential members is crucial. That's where Propertese comes in - shared office space management software. With Propertese, you can easily track and manage applicant inquiries, update waiting list statuses, and efficiently process essential documents.

Automate Operational Tasks with Propertese

Let Propertese handle it all – from automating manual tasks like secure payments and contactless move-in and move-out to maintenance requests, community management, finance, and more. We focus on making the student housing journey easy, efficient, and productive. A perfect solution for co-working space management.

Propertese Benefits For Co-Working Space Management

Coworking Space Management owners can greatly benefit from Propertese. With our extensive experience in dealing with various clients and being in the industry for a considerable time, we understand your needs. Our up-to-date features offer remote management, maintenance, and seamless integration of paperwork into our system. Propertese is user-friendly, and implementation is effortless, requiring minimal IT resources. It's designed to make your life a whole lot easier

Propertese Features Coworking Space Management


Remote Management

With Propertese, you can effortlessly manage your coworking space from anywhere! Our user-friendly interface, packed with advanced features, provides real-time updates, comprehensive analytics, and seamless collaboration. Stay in control, make informed decisions, and ensure smooth operations, even when working remotely.


Go Paperless

Keep it neat! Propertese, the best coworking management software, streamlines form completion and application processing online, making the paperwork a thing of the past. Free up time for your coworking business to thrive by minimizing administrative tasks.


Secure and Reliable Service

Implementing Propertese is super easy and secure. No need for tons of IT support! Just use this powerful system to level up your coworking space. It'll make everything run smoother, improve customer support, and optimize overall functionality.

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