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Government Property Tracking

Propertese simplifies property tracking for government agencies, providing various options to manage different aspects, including contracts, task orders, communication tools and more. With our comprehensive software, government property management becomes effortless and convenient, allowing for efficient tracking and organization of assets with just a few simple clicks.

Government Property Acquisition

Propertese seamlessly align with government processes, using advanced technology to ensure precise control in property acquisition. It streamlines workflows, boosts transparency, and empowers agencies to manage assets with confidence and compliance efficiently. Discover the potential of Propertese and transform your property acquisition and management procedures today!

Standardized Property Management Processes

With user-friendly tools and adherence to best practices, Propertese ensures you stay compliant with all the necessary standards. From tracking and maintaining your assets to streamlining workflows, Propertese offers a hassle-free experience that allows you to manage your stuff with ease and confidence. Experience convenience and peace of mind with Propertese’s local authority property management software.

Key Features of Propertese


Remote Property Management

Propertese enables remote property management for government agencies, ensuring smooth operations and prompt decision-making. It optimizes every aspect of property management.


Detailed Reports

Propertese easily integrates NetSuite, a cloud based ERP to generate comprehensive reports, providing government officials with detailed insights into property performance, financial metrics, and operational efficiency for informed decision-making.


Guest Portal with Digital Agreements

Propertese offers a user-friendly guest portal with digital agreement capabilities, streamlining communication between government agencies and tenants while ensuring compliance and transparency.

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