Effective Maintenance and Work Order Management

Effective maintenance and work order management are crucial aspects of property management that involve property managers, maintenance staff, tenants, and property owners. Adopting a comprehensive solution for maintenance and work order management, such as the one provided by Propertese, aims to streamline maintenance processes, improve communication, and enhance property value and tenant satisfaction. Let's delve into the functional prowess of this feature and explore how it can take your rental management to new heights.

Solution Overview:

Propertese offers a comprehensive property management platform that includes features designed to efficiently manage maintenance and work orders. This solution leverages digital tools to streamline the process of reporting, tracking, and resolving maintenance requests while promoting effective communication among stakeholders.

Use Case Example

Let's delve into a use case that illustrates how effective maintenance and work order management, combined with an integrated ERP system through Propertese, can enhance property management.

Maintenance Request Submission

Tenant Perspective: Lisa, a tenant at one of XYZ Properties' rental units, notices a malfunctioning air conditioner. Lisa reports a maintenance issue through the Propertese platform, which is integrated with an ERP system. It kicks into action, routing the request to the appropriate property manager. This eliminates manual handling, reducing the chances of errors and delays.

Property Manager Perspective: John, the property manager at XYZ Properties, receives a notification through thesystem about Lisa's maintenance request. He accesses the system to review the request details, including the attached photos. Propertese classifies the issue as urgent due to the high temperature, prompting John to take immediate action.

Lease Review and Acceptance: Lisa reviews the renewal terms online and finds them acceptable. She electronically signs the renewal agreement through the platform, indicating her intention to renew the lease.

Work Order Assignment

John initiates a work order within the system, which automatically assigns the task to Dave, a contractor skilled in HVAC repairs. Dave receives a notification regarding the assigned work order through email.

Dave inspects the request details and acknowledges the assignment. He updates the work order status in real time as he begins to diagnose the problem.

Real-Time Updates and Communication

Tenant Perspective: Lisa can track the status of her maintenance request through the portal. She receives automated updates as the request progresses from assignment to completion.

Contractor Perspective: Dave updates the work order status as he inspects, repairs, and completes the air conditioner repair. Lisa receives notifications at each stage of the process.

Scheduling and Reminders

Property Manager Perspective:John schedules regular maintenance checks for the property's HVAC systems through the platform. Automated reminders are sent to both tenants and contractor to ensure timely inspections.

Key Features

Maintenance Request Submission

Tenants can submit maintenance requests in the ERP system, providing detailed information about the issue and attaching photos if needed. This will be seamlessly handled via an integrated ERP system, like NetSuite, that company is using already .

Work Order Assignment

Property managers can assign work orders to external contractors based on their expertise and availability.

Real-Time Updates

Tenants and property managers can track the status of maintenance requests in real-time, ensuring transparency and reducing the need for follow-up communication.


The platform facilitates communication between tenants, property managers, and contractors throughout the maintenance process.

Scheduling and Reminders

Maintenance tasks and appointments can be scheduled, and automated reminders can be sent to both tenants and contractors to ensure timely resolution.


  • Efficiency: Digital submission and tracking of maintenance requests streamline the process, reducing delays and miscommunication.
  • Transparency: Real-time updates and communication enhance transparency for all stakeholders involved in the maintenance process.
  • Timely Resolution: Automated scheduling and reminders ensure that maintenance tasks are addressed promptly.
  • Tenant Satisfaction: Effective maintenance management contributes to a positive tenant experience and tenant retention.


In this use case, the integrated approach of Propertese with an ERP system transforms a maintenance request into a seamless and transparent process. This benefits both tenants and property managers, ensuring efficient problem resolution and a positive tenant experience.

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