Efficient handling of property enquiries and
scheduling property viewings

Efficiently managing property inquiries and scheduling property viewings is a critical aspect of property management that involves property managers, potential tenants, and property owners. The adoption of an efficient property inquiry and viewing scheduling solution, such as the one provided by Propertese, aims to streamline communication, expedite the viewing process, and enhance the overall tenant experience.

Solution Overview:

Propertese offers a comprehensive property management platform that includes features designed to handle property inquiries and schedule viewings efficiently. This solution leverages digital tools to automate processes, facilitate communication, and ensure a seamless experience for both property managers and prospective tenants.

Use Case Example

Imagine a scenario where a property management company, XYZ Properties, uses the efficient property inquiry and viewing scheduling solution provided by Propertese:

1. Inquiry Submission and Response:

Potential Tenant Perspective: Sarah is looking for a rental property and visits the XYZ Properties website. She finds a property she likes and submits an online inquiry about its availability and features.

Property Manager Perspective: John, the property manager at XYZ Properties, receives Sarah's inquiry through the Propertese platform. The system automatically sends Sarah an acknowledgment email with relevant property information.

2. Scheduling Property Viewing:

Self-Scheduling: Sarah receives another email that includes a link to view available time slots for property viewings. She selects a convenient time and schedules a viewing appointment using the platform.

Confirmation: Once Sarah schedules the viewing, both she and John receive instant confirmation emails with the viewing details.

3. Viewing Day:

Property Manager Preparation: John ensures that the property is ready for the viewing based on the scheduled time slot.

Tenant Experience Sarah arrives at the property at the scheduled time and has a positive viewing experience. She appreciates the streamlined scheduling process.

Key Features

Online Inquiry Management

The platform enables potential tenants to submit property inquiries online, providing property managers with all the necessary details to respond effectively.

Automated Responses

Upon receiving an inquiry, the system sends automated responses to acknowledge the inquiry and provide relevant information, ensuring prompt communication.

Real-Time Availability

Property managers can showcase property availability in real-time, allowing potential tenants to view open time slots for property viewings.


Prospective tenants can self-schedule property viewings based on the available time slots, reducing the need for back-and-forth communication.

Instant Confirmations

The platform sends instant confirmation emails or notifications to both property managers and potential tenants once a viewing appointment is scheduled.


The efficient property inquiry and viewing scheduling solution provided by Propertese enhances property management by automating inquiry responses and enabling self-scheduling for property viewings. This solution benefits property managers, prospective tenants, and property owners by reducing administrative workload, improving communication, and providing a seamless and convenient process for property inquiries and viewings.

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