Simplifying Property Listing and Outreach with
Propertese's Public URL Feature

Lets assume you’re a property manager and have got a stunning penthouse available for rent. You want to make sure it gets the attention it deserves without any hassle. That's where Propertese swoops in to save the day. With the Property Listing Through Public URL feature, you can create a personalized link for each property and share it effortlessly with anyone, anywhere via social media platforms and email.

Let's delve into the functional elegance of this feature and how it can elevate your property management endeavors.

Step 1: Effortlessly Mark Units as Listed

You've just acquired a remarkable penthouse in a sought-after neighborhood. Propertese simplifies the listing process – a few straightforward actions and the unit is marked as "listed". You can input essential details like high-quality images, comprehensive descriptions, amenities, and pricing. Your unit is now primed for presentation.

Step 2: The Significance of Public URLs

Here's where Propertese demonstrates its finesse. Upon listing a unit, the platform generates a unique Public URL dedicated to that unit. Think of it as an exclusive gateway that unlocks a comprehensive repository of property particulars. Bid adieu to intricate links and cumbersome attachments.

Step 3: Streamlined Sharing

The next phase is both intuitive and strategic. Share the Public URL seamlessly across various platforms. Whether you opt for social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or favor the professional touch of email communications, the Public URL accommodates your approach. It’s akin to extending a virtual invitation to explore the unit.

A Practical Illustration

Allow me to introduce Monica, an aspiring tenant in quest of an ideal dwelling. While scrolling through her Facebook feed, she encounters a post from your esteemed real estate agency. The post introduces an exquisite penthouse available for lease, complete with a captivating image and a succinct caption inviting further exploration through a provided link.

Intrigued, Monica clicks on the link and is directed to property. The page showcases a gallery of high-resolution images, a well-articulated description highlighting the unit’s unique attributes, and a comprehensive list of amenities. Monica appreciates the seamless experience of accessing all pertinent details cohesively. She promptly shares the link with her partner, Cooper, via a professional email, ultimately leading to their decision to schedule a site visit.

This is the quintessence of Propertese’s Unit Listing and Public URLs feature. A singular Public URL that encapsulates all property insights, eradicating the necessity for disparate web pages or intricate navigation.

Should you be ready to streamline your unit listings, facilitate informed tenant decisions, and project a polished image, Propertese awaits your exploration.

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