Student Housing Management Software

A super cloud based platform for student housing, equipped with student-friendly features to effortlessly address common accommodation challenges.

Efficiently Track Student Applications

There are better ways to go than just managing everything alone. You need suitable systems to make things efficient, and Propertese is one such system. We are a leading student housing property management software for managing student housing, simplifying tracking applications, updating accommodation statuses, and handling crucial documents. Propertese software is designed to make your life easier!

Seamless Management of Housing Requirements

Keep up with the ever-changing demands and compliance standards in student housing. With Propertese, you can efficiently manage many aspects related to student housing, ensuring every detail is noticed. So you can focus on providing exceptional student housing services while the Propertese student accommodation management system takes care of the intricacies.

Automate Operational Tasks with Propertese

Let Propertese handle it all – from automating manual tasks like secure payments and contactless move-in and move-out to maintenance requests, community management, finance, and more. We focus on making the student housing journey easy, efficient, and productive. A perfect solution for any university housing system!

Propertese University Housing Software Features


Remote Housing Management

With Propertese, managing student housing properties remotely becomes effortless. Its user-friendly interface and advanced features provide real-time updates and detailed analytics and facilitate effective collaboration, ensuring the smooth operation of university housing.


Comprehensive Room and Lease Management

Propertese also simplifies managing room allocations, lease agreements, and tenant relations. Efficiently manage all aspects of student housing, from application to move-out, with ease.


Paperless Administrative Process

Embrace a paperless and efficient administrative process with Propertese. Students can complete forms online, check their housing status, and access necessary documents, reducing paperwork and enhancing communication.


Time-Efficient Management Solutions

Propertese significantly reduces the time spent on administrative tasks. Streamline processes, expedite housing allocations, and maintain comprehensive documentation, increasing operational efficiency.


Secure, Easy-to-Implement System

Implementing Propertese is very easy and secure, and requires minimal in-house IT resources. This solution is ideal for businesses seeking to streamline their corporate real estate operations, enhance customer support, and optimize overall efficiency.

Discover Corporate Real Estate Management with Propetese

Explore Our State-of-the-Art Student Property Management Software and simplify and enhance student accommodations management.

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Companies around the world unleash efficiency, automate workflows, and achieve unparalleled Success with Propertese

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