Manage third party properties through owner
agreements and charge management fee

Efficiently managing third-party properties through owner agreements and charging management fees is a fundamental aspect of property management that involves property managers, property owners, tenants, and financial transactions. By adopting a comprehensive property management solution like Propertese, property managers would be able to streamline property management processes, make sure that calculations are accurate, and it enhances the overall transparency for all stakeholders.

Solution Overview:

Propertese is a robust property management platform designed for the seamless management of third-party properties through owner agreements and automated management fee calculation. The solution centralizes property data, facilitates agreement management, and ensures accurate financial transactions.

Use Case Example

Consider a practical scenario where a property management company, Urban Haven Properties, effectively utilizes the property management solution provided by Propertese:

Owner Agreement Setup:

Property Manager Perspective: Sarah, a property manager at Urban Haven Properties, generates a comprehensive owner agreement for a third-party property. The agreement meticulously defines the management fee percentage, the scope of services, and the rental income distribution.

Property Owner Perspective: John, the property owner, reviews and approves the owner agreement through the Propertese platform.

Management Fee Calculation and Reporting:

Property Manager Perspective: The platform is configured to automatically compute the management fee as a percentage of the rental income. As tenants fulfill rent payments, the system accurately calculates the management fee.

Property Owner Perspective: John can easily scrutinize financial reports via an integrated ERP system, providing a detailed breakdown of collected rent, incurred expenses, and the corresponding management fee deductions.

Financial Transactions:

Tenant Perspective: Lisa, a tenant leasing a property managed by Urban Haven Properties, executes her monthly rent payment through the platform.

Property Manager Perspective: Sarah receives a notification concerning the rent payment via the platform. The system promptly calculates the management fee, deducts the appropriate amount, and efficiently disburses the remaining funds to John's account.

Key Features

Owner Agreements

Property managers can effortlessly generate and store owner agreements within the platform, outlining the terms and conditions of the property management arrangement.

Management Fee Calculation

The solution enables property managers to establish automated rules for calculating management fees based on specific criteria, such as property value or rental income.

Transparent Reporting

Property owners gain access to detailed financial reports via an integrated ERP system, presenting a comprehensive overview of property income, expenses, and management fees.

Financial Transactions

Properties can easily be inetgarted with the company's existing ERP system and simplify financial transactions by automating the collection and distribution of rent and management fees, ensuring precision and timely processing.


  • Efficiency: Automated management fee calculations diminish manual effort, and reduce the risk of errors.
  • Transparency: The provision of accurate financial reports promotes transparency, fostering trust and understanding.
  • Precise Transactions: Automated rent collection and management fee deduction ensures precise financial transactions.
  • Agreement Consistency: Owner agreements ensure that property management terms are consistently applied and comprehensible.


The integrated maintenance tracking and scheduling solution with calendar functionality provided by Propertese optimizes property management by centralizing maintenance operations, automating scheduling, and facilitating effective communication. This solution benefits property managers, tenants, and property owners by improving efficiency, transparency, and overall property management effectiveness.

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